How to Create Your Marketing Plan

'Done-for-You' Training Materials that You Can Customize and Use to Create Your Own Signature Courses - in Any Media Format

Step-by-Step course that you can use to teach your own customers how to create a complete marketing plan that will drive their ultimate business success.

  • Create your own workshops, webinars, video series, eCourses, eBooks, and more... in just a few hours.
  • Attract new clients and customers... with content that shows off your expertise
  • Create additional streams of income for your business... without more 1:1 client time
  • Have fun delivering your new content. We've done the hard part for you already!

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Business coaches, consultants, trainers and service providers....

Do you know anyone who could do a better job marketing their business?

Or maybe you could use some guidance yourself?

Most people fall short when it comes to marketingAnd it's not necessarily because they're clueless on the ins and outs.  They might be completely up to date on all the latest tactics.

The part of marketing that most people fail miserably at is PLANNING.

Can you think of anything more permanently elating than to know that you are on the right road at last?

Vernon Howard, 1918 - 1992 American Author Speaker

As a coach, consultant or service provider, you can make a HUGE impact on people's businesses just by guiding them through the creation of a marketing plan.....

......a plan that they know will lead them to a GIANT leap of success for their business.

You can work with each person one-on-one and make a difference. But, you can only help a limited number of people that way.

Instead, we've created a Ready-to-Go training program you can use with hundreds, or even thousands, of customers with ease.


With our done-for-you course, you'll get everything you need so that you don't have to build your own training from scratch.

 What our customers are saying

Tamara Patzer - Local Marketing Director & Social Media Educator Tamara Patzer - Local Marketing Director & Social Media Educator

...I appreciate all your content. It certainly makes me look like a rock star and when I teach it, the flow is perfect. I get a ton of response on the quality of instruction and ease of learning with your flow. Tami

Deni Caruth Deni Caruth, Master Keys Coaching

Taking the time to answer my questions so fast...that's why YOU, ma'am, are a Rock Star! Your products always give so much more...that I can actually use! Thanks so much for ALL you do! You truly do have the best to offer.

Gina Alagata - Founder & CEO at Wink - Women Inkorporated Gina Alagata - Founder & CEO at Wink - Women Inkorporated

Just wanted to say thanks for all you do in providing such quality content.  You are my "go-to" person for all great content.

 Why use our customizable content?

Our team of designers, writers, content creators, and graphics experts have done all the hard work for you in creating the materials for your course.

You don’t have to start from scratch!

In fact, you could easily use all the content as-is. Everything you need is here, divided up clearly and with instructions on how to use it.

But the beauty of this type of content is that it’s flexible and easy to adapt to YOUR market and YOUR needs.

Use the content in any media format you want!

You’ll be able to quickly create your own:

  • Webinars
  • Workshops
  • Video Training
  • eBooks
  • Hangouts
  • Sales Funnels
  • Coaching Membership Sites
  • Email Courses
  • ... and More

You’ll finally be able to create the content you need....

  • In far less time than if you started from scratch
  • Without the expense of hiring individual outsourcers
  • With the confidence that your final products will be top notch

We have over 20 years of experience doing this kind of training development for both Fortune 50 corporations and small businesses.

So rest assured that all of the content is based on our extensive research and proven best practices.

All you have to do is:

  • Rebrand it for your own business
  • Add your own insights
  • Start selling your own course

 Course Overview

Here's what your participants will be learning in 'How to Create Your Marketing Plan', no matter what media format you use:

Module 1: Why Do You Need a Marketing Plan?

You'll start the course out by explaining the importance of having a marketing plan as a roadmap for success, along with the key elements a successful plan needs to have.

Module 2: Market Research

Gathering research about your market is the foundation of any successful plan, so in Module 2 you'll discuss different ways to conduct research, and what to look for.

Module 3: Describe Your Company

Before you can plan ahead, you need to know where you are now. In Module 3, you'll help your participants describe exactly what their business is all about so that they have a clear picture in their minds before they plan.

Module 4: Assess Your Business

Aside from having a clear picture of your business, you also need to assess all its strengths and weaknesses. In Module 4, you'll be teaching your participants how to conduct a SWOT analysis, along with examples.

Module 5: Establish Marketing Goals

How will you know if your marketing was successful if you don't know what you're trying to achieve? That's why, in Module 5, you'll guide your participants in setting SMART marketing goals.

Module 6: Track Your Marketing Results

Of course, having goals isn't enough if you don't actually monitor your progress. In Module 6, you'll discuss different methods of measuring marketing results.

Module 7: Understand the 4 P's of Marketing

If you want to consider all the marketing possibilities, not just the typical ones people talk about (like social media or email), then you need to understand the 4 P's of marketing - Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. That's what Module 7 is all about.

Module 8: Identify Your Marketing Mix

Now it's time to delve deeper into the 4 P's and define how you'll approach each for your business.  This is the real core of your marketing plan, so you'll be spending a fair amount of time helping your participants define their tactics.

Module 9: Create a Marketing Budget

So many ideas, but can you afford to implement them all? In Module 9, you're going to explain the basics of creating a marketing budget that takes into account both current and anticipated expenses and revenue.

Module 10: Create Your Marketing Plan Calendar

It's decision-making time. In Module 10, you're going to help your participants pick exactly which goals and tactics they're going to focus on, based on the work they've done so far. Then they'll put that into a calendar and start planning the details.

Conclusion: Putting it All Together 

By this point, your participants have done some incredible hands-on work in creating their marketing plan. In the concluding module, you'll have them summarize their work and fill in any missing gaps, as well as identify what they need to work on next. Then you can tell them what else they can expect from you moving forward!

 Here's what you'll be getting

The course materials are divided up into 3 sections:

 Take a Peek Inside

Want to see some samples? Click on the button below to download some excerpts from the course book, facilitator guide, and workbook.

Download Course Excerpts

 Now It's Your Turn

Grab your license, add your expertise, and get it out there for the world to see so that you can start bringing in more reliable, consistent revenue.

How to Create Your Marketing Plan

Complete Course Package

Only $197

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Keep reading to see an overview of what's in each of the Participant, Facilitator, and Promotion Materials sections of the course.

There are screenshots further down the page too.

 Participant Material

  • Course Book

    How To Create Your Marketing Plan – Complete 58 page course book that explains everything needed to create a marketing plan

  • Course Workbook

    38-page Workbook with worksheets that people complete as part of the course’s learning activities

  • Marketing Plan Template

    Complete 8-page Marketing Plan Template

  • Budget spreadsheet

    Excel spreadsheet for calculating your high-level marketing budget

  • 3 Infographics

    What are the 4Ps?
    Popular 4P Tactics
    SWOT Analysis

  • Checklist

    Complete Marketing Plan Creation Checklist

  • Graphics

    Set of graphics to reinforce and remind participants of concepts from  the course. In .png and .ppt

  • Marketing Plan Overview

    A PowerPoint Overview of a Marketing Plan. Ready for you to fill in and present.

Facilitator Material

  • PowerPoint Slide Presentation

    175 illustrated PowerPoint slides ready for you to present and/or record your course

  • Speaker Notes

    Use the text provided in the Notes section of the slides to guide your webinars, videos and presentations

  • Facilitator Guide

    A Guide to work alongside the entire course, complete with slide illustrations, speaker notes, and additional instructions for implementing and delivering the course.

  • Emails

    5 Emails to follow up with your course participants and continue to build your relationship after they have completed the course

  • Contents List

    A detailed list of everything included in the course

  • Research Sources

    A list of Research Sources for learning more about creating a Marketing Plan

  • Tips For Using Your Ready-To-Go Content

    Best practices for customizing your ready-to-go training for maximum success

  • Evaluation Form

    A form to give to your participants to evaluate the course and get feedback

  • Mind Map Overview

    A birds eye view of the entire course contents in Mind Map form.

Promotional Material

  • Blog Posts

    5 articles on different topics related to Creating a Marketing Plan

  • Tweets

    30 tips about Marketing Plans in less than 140 character – Can also be used for Facebook and other social media. Provided in Excel (with character counting function) and Word.

  • Opt-in Report

    The 3 Keys to Creating a Successful Marketing Plan – 12-page report to use for Prework or lead generation

  • Emails

    5 Follow Up Emails to build a relationship with your prospects after giving away the opt-in report

  • Opt-In Page

    A pre-constructed html landing page for the opt-in report. Sales copy also provided separately for use in other sales page templates.

  • Opt-In Infographic

    The 3 Keys to Creating a Successful Marketing Plan – The same information as the Opt-In Report, but in Infographic format. Great for those who like their information visual!

  • Sales Page

    A pre-constructed and editable sales page for the course. Sales copy also provided separately for use in other sales page templates.

  • Promotional Slideshow

    10 Questions Your Marketing Plan Must Answer – 40 slides you can use for a short webinar or video to promote the course

  • Promotional Course Video

    The 4 Elements of a Marketing Plan – Short video you can use to promote the course. Created with VideoMaker FX

  • Promotional Opt-in Video

    The 3 Keys to a Successful Marketing Plan – Short video you can use to promote the opt-in report. Created with VideoMaker FX

  • Quote Images

    5 Inspirational Quote Images

  • eCovers

    2d and 3d ecovers in both .png and .psd format


  • Marketing Tactics

     List of 20 Proven Online Marketing Tactics

  • Tools

     Top 21 Tools for Marketing Your Business

  • Slideshow

     The 10 Best Marketing Campaigns of All Time

Want to see some screenshots of the actual materials you'll get?

Click on each image below and an image gallery will pop up that you can scroll through

Course Book



Marketing Plan Template

Infographic - What are the 4Ps?

Infographic - Popular 4P Tactics

Infographic - SWOT analysis


Marketing Plan Overview Slideshow

Click the image above for screenshots of the Participant Materials

Slideshow Part 1

Slideshow Part 2

Slideshow Part 3


Facilitator Guide

Course Follow-Up Emails

Contents List

Research Sources

Tips For Using Your Ready-To-Go Content

Mind Map Overview of Entire Course Contents

Evaluation Form

Click the image above for screenshots of the Facilitator Materials

Blog Posts

Opt-In Report

Report Follow-Up Emails

Opt-In Page

Opt-In Report Infographic

Sales Page

Promotional Slideshow

Course Promotional Video

Opt-In Report Promotional Video

Quote Images

eCovers Templates

Click the image above for screenshots of the Promotional Materials

Take a look at an excerpt from the course:

Here's an excerpt from the Facilitator Guide that gives an overview of the course:

How to Create Your Marketing Plan

Complete Course Package

Only $197

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100% No Risk Guarantee

Take a look through all the materials. If you don’t think you or your customers can benefit from this content, let us know in the next 7 days and we’ll give you a refund. No questions asked!

Confused? Have questions about the course?

You can reach me personally at:
Email: (best contact)
Skype: sharyn.sheldon
Support Desk:



CLICK HERE for the answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  • q-iconWhat does 'Customizable Content' mean?

    ‘Customizable Content’ means content that is unbranded, can be edited and transformed to different media, but is also ready to deliver and sell to your clients.

  • q-iconWhat can I do with a customizable training program?

    Aside from learning from it yourself, you can use a customizable training program to teach others using different media, sell it for profit in different formats, use it for lead generation or use it to train your own team or outsourcers. A full list of our Content Rules can be found here.

  • q-iconHow is Customizable Content different from PLR?

    There are a number of similarities between PLR and Customizable Content, but the products we sell at Content Sparks are often higher end and a lot more ‘finished’ and ready to use. Every customizable or licensed content creator uses different terms, so read the details carefully.

  • q-iconDo I have to re-write Customizable Content?

    You have the option to rewrite it if you so choose, but it is not necessary. It is recommended that web-based content is rewritten to an extent so that it will rank higher in search engines. Adding value to existing content is also important.

  • q-iconWhat do you mean by the word ‘Participants’?

    People who actively engage in the learning of the program are ‘participants’ in your course. They take responsibility for active learning, as opposed to sitting back and listening. The word ‘learners’ is sometimes used, but this generally suggests a more passive role in the course.

  • q-iconWhat do you mean by the word ‘Facilitator’?

    You are facilitating people’s learning when they are active participants. You cannot force them to learn or simply ‘teach’ them by drilling in a concept. However, you can facilitate their learning process by giving them the knowledge and the tools they need to be successful.

  • q-iconWhat’s the best way to deliver my new training program?

    This entirely depends on your audience and what you’re comfortable with.

    The programs can be given synchronously, such as in a classroom, via a live webinar, via a teleseminar.

    Or asynchronously, such as through a video or recorded webinar, with an eBook or through an email series.

  • q-iconHow can I decide what’s best for my audience?

    This differs on an individual basis. Think about your audiences’ learning styles, where they’re located (i.e., do they need to travel if it’s a live event), the time zones they are in, and technology available to them for starters.

  • q-iconHow do I set up my new training program?

    Check the facilitator’s guide for guidelines on how to set up the program.

    Depending on the way you intend to deliver the program, for example if you are promoting it for sale, you may need a sales funnel. That could involve a giveaway (a gift of valuable information to reward your prospects for signing up to your leads list), your own website, whether an html or WordPress site (a place of your own to publish your content) or basic sales funnel pages.

    1 Squeeze (Opt-in) page
    2 Thank You page
    3 Download page for your gift
    4 Sales page for your course
    5 Download or registration page for the course
    6 An Autoresponder series – An email series people receive after getting the giveaway, to build relationships and promote your course’s sales page.
  • q-iconWhat tools do I need to deliver the training?

    Depending on the method in which you present the course, you will need a few different tools. For example, here are a few things you might need:

    For Webinars
    1 A Headset
    2 Computer
    3 Microsoft Office or equivalent
    4 Webinar service, or Hangouts on Air (free)


    For Classroom
    1 Access to a venue
    2 Computer
    3 Projector for Powerpoint presentations, or equivalent
    4 Usual classroom tools, (paper, name tents, markers, flipcharts, etc)


    For Video
    1 Screen capture software, or ability to record from slide software, (e.g. Powerpoint)
    2 A place to host videos, (or YouTube)
    3 Headset
    4 Video editing software (ideally)


    For eCourse
    1 Autoresponder service
    2 Microsoft Office or equivalent
    3 PDF converter


    For eBook
    1 Microsoft Office or equivalent
    2 PDF converter
    3 Place to host your ebook for delivery


  • q-iconWhat skills do I need to deliver the training?

    You don’t need any specific skills to present the course, other than the ability and willingness to learn and pick up what you need as you go along. The best method is to start with a delivery method that you’re comfortable with and then venture out of your comfort zone to try new skills.

    For example, you may want to start by packaging up everything as an ebook, but then move on to video creation, public speaking, writing a newsletter series or recording your own voice. Remember, you can always outsource the technical skills involved, such as setting up a website or video editing.

    Don’t let the need for skills slow you down. Everyone started from scratch at some point.

  • q-iconHow much will I have to spend beyond the cost of the program?

    You will need to make a few investments to be able to use your training program to its highest potential, such as:

    Domain registration
    Auto responder service
    Microsoft Office or equivalent
    Shopping Cart software (you can also use free options, such as PayPal, Clickbank or JVZoo)

    Most other things are optional or have free alternatives, such as:

    Microphone and/or headset (may be built into your computer)
    Webinar service
    Video editing software
    Video Camera
    Outsourcing for extra tasks
  • q-iconCan I use my customizable training program in conjunction with other Customizable Content?

    Since your Customizable Content is completely editable, you can use it in conjunction with any other content you have written or have the rights to use.

  • q-iconCan I get a refund for my Customizable Content if it doesn’t suit me?

    Most of our ‘Blaze’ level, customizable training programs come with a certain guarantee – usually 7 days – and you can request either a full or partial refund within this time if you are not happy with your purchase. Be sure to look through your materials right away. The reason we don’t typically provide longer periods for refunds is to protect the value of your content.

  • q-iconWhy would I use Customizable Content as opposed to writing it myself?

    Our customizable products are designed by professional instructional designers, extensively researched, and then written by expert writers and developers. Plus, we’ve added all the components you need to teach and promote the programs.

    By using our Ready-to-Go content, you save yourself a considerable amount of time. Instead of starting from scratch, you get something complete that you only need to brand and/or customize to your own style, audience, and market.

  • q-iconCan I request the creation of specific content topics?

    We love to hear from our customers! Let us know what topics you’re looking for, features and formats you’d like to see, or any other suggestions and feedback. If we receive enough interest in a topic or feature, we’ll definitely consider developing it.

  • q-iconCan all the trainers and coaches in my company teach this program?

    You can NOT share your customizable training program with other coaches, trainers or marketers. It is a single-trainer license. If you have other trainers or coaches who want to teach the content, they will need to purchase an additional license each.

    Even better, sign up to be one of our affiliates and you can earn a commission when you recommend Content Sparks to your friends.

  • q-iconIs there any limit to how many people I can teach using this program?

    No. There is no “per seat” or “per user” license limit like some training programs. You may teach your content to as many people as you want, and we encourage you to. The more people who can benefit from your new content, the better!

Listen to What Our Customers are Saying About the Content We Create...

Daniel Ulin - Marketer, Author, Producer and Speaker - Los Angeles, California Daniel Ulin - Marketer, Author, Producer and Speaker - Los Angeles, California

When it comes to premium customizable content, look no further than Sharyn's suite of products. This is beautifully researched and exquisitely crafted material. Even if you don't end up modifying and rebranding it for your own business, you're guaranteed to find the content itself incredibly useful. Sharyn's trainings drive even greater value into the customer equation; don't miss them. I've been in marketing for over three decades, and Sharyn and her team continue to impress me with each new release.

This is first-rate stuff—highly recommended. Period.

Edith Naaman - The Content Marketing Center Edith Naaman - The Content Marketing Center

Although I have to translate it all to Hebrew – I find your materials so far – the best of their kind on the net. As the leading content marketing specialist in Israel I enjoy all very much, and so do my clients and students. Thank you!

Donald Thomas - Donald Thomas - I purchase a lot of PLR and I have to say I get the bulk of it from Sharyn. I have never been disappointed with any of my purchases from Sharyn. Another thing that I like about her is if I have questions or comments about a product, she gets back to me muy pronto. She also gives great advice on how to use her product. I have no problem recommending her.
Paris Law - Learning & Development Manager, Constituency Management Group Paris Law - Learning & Development Manager, Constituency Management Group

I’m a professional trainer and coach. Consulting, Coaching, Designing and Delivering on Learning/Change Programs is how I make a living. Sharyn and her team create top notch content. When I have a short deadline, I always check her site for any content that is available. It saves me a tremendous amount of time from researching and organizing the information. If you’re a trainer, coach or any type of professional development provider, I highly recommend you give Sharyn’s products a shot. You’ll be glad you did. Thanks, Sharyn, for making these programs available. I can tell that time and effort are put into each of the training programs developed.

Rob Salt - Rob Salt - I have purchased a number of products from Sharyn and they have all been of the highest quality. The customer service is first class as well.  In addition, the follow up emails with useful tips are always very welcome

How to Create Your Marketing Plan

Complete Course Package

Only $197

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 Who are we?

I'm Sharyn Sheldon, the owner here at Content Sparks. I've been designing and developing business training programs for Fortune 50 companies, small businesses, and solo entrepreneurs for over 20 years now.

As a consultant, I know what it's like to rely on one-on-one clients for all your income. That's why I started my own online business in 2010. I wanted a business that allowed me to live and work from anywhere in the world. And I did it!

Now I draw on my expertise as an instructional designer, along with my team's extensive skills, to provide people like you with the ultimate time-saving solution to content creation - customizable training and marketing content.