10 Days of List Building Madness – Complete PLR eCourse and Resources

Easy to Customize for ANY Market!

List Building Course Bundle

Attention! Marketers, Coaches, Consultants, Service Providers, and ALL Business Owners,

You probably already know that no matter what business you’re in, you need to have an email list.
Your list is your lifeline of communication with both your customers AND prospects.

And EVERY savvy, successful marketer focuses on building a list from Day 1 (or even earlier).

So, Why Doesn’t Everyone Do It?

  • Fear
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Overwhelm
  • ….[fill in your own excuse]

YOU can help these people give their business the game-changing asset they need!

That’s why we put together this premium, customizable eCourse full of Top Tens on all the different aspects of building an email list, including:

  • Why you need to build an email list
  • All the critical steps you need to complete to get started
  • How to get a clear picture of who you’re writing your emails to
  • How to give people an irresistible reason to join your list
  • What to write to your list that will have them waiting to open your emails
  • Where to find people who WANT to be on your list
  • How to determine if you need to readjust your listbuilding strategies

People are out there LOOKING for YOUR help to build their email lists.
My newest PLR eCourse has all the content, tools and resources you need to make that happen.

….all in the format of Top Tens, which people LOVE!

Part 1 – 10 Days of List Building Madness eCourse


List Building Madness – eCourse Guide

List Building Course Guide

Titles of Chapters
    1. 10 Reasons You Need an Email List (608 words)
    2. 10 Steps to Setting up Your List (576 words)
    3. 10 Ways to Identify Your Audience (517 words)
    4. 10 Ideas for Free Gifts for Your List (637 words)
    5. 10 Tips for Building a High Converting Squeeze Page (554 words)
    6. 10 Ideas for Follow-up Emails (489 words)
    7. 10 Places to Find Traffic to Build Your List (683 words)
    8. 10 Ideas for Monetizing Your List (606 words)
    9. 10 Email Marketing Analytics to Watch (622 words)
    10. 10 Reasons Your List Isn’t Responding (598 words)

Take a look at the whole guide:

List Building Course Guide

List Building Madness – Workbook
5 Worksheets for Completing the Course

  • Email Content Planning Worksheet
  • Target Market Profile Worksheet
  • Free Gift Brainstorming Worksheet
  • Squeeze Page Copy Worksheet
  • Find Your Target Market Worksheet

Take a look at the workbook:

ListBuilding Workbook

Email Statistics Tracking Spreadsheet

Keep track of your listbuilding efforts:

Email Statistics Tracking
Note: Contents are provided in .doc format, chapters also provided in separate .doc and .txt files. Spreadsheet is .xls

Part 2: Infographic

10 Steps to Setting Up Your Email List

Preview of part of infographic

Note: Graphic is in .jpg, .png, and .psd


Part 3: Tools and Resources

50 Tweets and Tips for Promoting Your Content

Preview of tweets about list building

Mindmap Overview of the Course

Course Overview Mindmap

Outlines of all the Chapters

Outlines of all chapters

Note: Contents are provided in .doc format, tweets are in .xls spreadsheet with character count function coded in, mindmap is .png, .pdf, .doc and .mm.

BONUS: eCovers

Editable Cover Graphics

Selection of ecovers

Note: The ecovers are provided in .png and .psd so you can easily edit them

Suggested Uses for Your PLR eCourse:

  • Sell it as a full product, either via email, pdf or webinar
  • Combine it with tech training or to pre-sell your own tech services
  • Create a 10-day email course to get subscribers onto your own list. Then sell, related products and your own coaching services.
  • Use the first chapter of the course as a giveaway to presell the whole course
  • Use the tweets for social status updates and promoting your content
  • Break up the course into separate smaller courses
  • Combine the course with other training on the technical aspects of list-building
  • Add the course to your membership site to provide valuable training resources for your members
  • Use the infographic for social media, printed posters for your clients, or for your blog
  • etc.

Summary of what you get:

  • 10 Days of ListBuilding Madness eCourse Guide (40 page, 10-part course)
  • Course Workbook (5 worksheets that people complete as part of the course’s learning activities)
  • Email Statistics Tracking Spreadsheet (for monitoring your listbuilding progress)
  • Infographic – 10 Easy Steps to Set Up Your Email List
  • 50 Tweets on List Building (for status updates, promotion, and general tips)
  • Mindmap of the Entire Course (your “bird’s eye view” of the entire course)
  • Outlines of all chapters (great for rewriting, reorganizing and repurposing your PLR)
  • eCovers in 3D and flat .png and .psd (edit them to suit your brand)
  • ….PLUS a short report with tips on How to Use Your PLR

Value: $47

10 Days of List Building Madness - PLR eCourse


Want to see an article sample?  Here’s a snippet from the “10 Places to Find Traffic to Build Your List”:

Your email list needs a squeeze page whose sole purpose is to get visitors to sign up. But if no one knows your squeeze page exists or where to find it, you won’t be getting a lot of subscribers any time soon. You’ll need to drive traffic to this crucial page from a number of other sources.

Look at your target market profile and determine where your people hang out. Then, choose traffic methods that will work to draw them in.

1. Blogs
Start a blog or several blogs. Write about topics of interest to your target market. Place an opt-in form somewhere on each blog, preferably on the sidebar near the top of the page where people can easily see it. Your opt-in form should have a quick advertisement for your list that summarizes the main benefits of signing up and mentions the free offer.

2. Content Syndication
Write short articles related to your topic and submit them to directories with a link back to your squeeze page. The articles should focus on helping the reader and offer a taste of what your list offers.

3. Guest Blogging
Write guest blog posts and submit them to popular blogs in your niche. Put a link to your squeeze page in the bio box.


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